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Your students deserve the opportunity to meet the author, illustrator and anthropologist Dr. Naomi Shmuel


I have been giving lectures and workshops for children & young people in schools and libraries for over twenty years. The meetings are age and audience appropriate and can include creative writing sessions. These are the main topics I address:

  • My life story, the background to my writing and tips for young authors.

  • Issues of identity, difference and belonging, that arise out of the meeting of cultures.

  • My husband’s very special journey from Ethiopia to Sudan on foot in order to reach Israel.

  • My mother’s story: the author and poet Karen Gershon, who came to England via the Kindertransport before the Second World War. Her parents and extended family were all killed in the Holocaust.

  • The preparatory material for teachers are all in Hebrew, but if you would like more information in English please contact me. English texts for most of the books are available on request.

צור קשר


Phone: 050-6214941

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