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Invite your employees to a fascinating lecture or workshop on cultural competence, context awareness and multiculturalism, and improve their ability to cope with diverse human environments and provide effective services.    

Training professionals

  • Lectures and workshops for professionals (teachers, social workers, psychologists, health professionals, the police & the military, academic staff, etc.) everybody who works in a diverse human environment.

  • Inter-cultural meetings with insufficient preparation have the potential for misunderstandings and conflicts, making it difficult to build long-term trusting relationships that enable professionals to provide an effective service.

  • Cultural competence includes a combination of knowledge and skills that professionals and organisations require in order to work effectively with cultural diversity.

  • But people are not only influenced by cultures, people live in complex realities influenced by many factors, such as economic & social status, their families, health & politics, places of residence, religion, gender etc.  Considering all of these contexts helps professionals adapt their methods to the different needs of their clients.

  • In some of the training programs, I work with colleagues from the Nevet team – a greenhouse of context-informed research and training for children in need situated in the School of Social Work at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

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