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Dr. Naomi Shmuel is an author, illustrator and anthropologist living in Israel, who wrote the first children’s books in Hebrew to feature brown-skinned characters. Her original prize winning children’s books are widely used throughout Israeli school and pre-school programs to foster cross-cultural understanding and tolerance.

Naomi, originally from England (daughter of the late author and poet Karen Gershon) began writing for her own children following their encounters with prejudice: her husband Emmanuel made the long and difficult journey on foot from Ethiopia to Sudan in order to reach Israel thirty-six years ago.

Naomi lectures at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, and works through Nevet training professionals for working in culturally diverse environments. As an accredited parent counselor Naomi specializes in families in transition, her research focusses on the process of continuance and change across the generations amongst Ethiopian immigrant families in Israel.

The articles below are currently only available in Hebrew, but you are welcome to contact me for further information. English translations of most of the Hebrew books are available on request.

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