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The Lion Hunter's Son (Hebrew)

The Lion Hunter's Son (Hebrew)


Published by the Kibbutz Hameuchad (Hebrew)

Aharon was a respected lion hunter in Ethiopia, his son Oren is a rebellious teenager born in Israel. As well as the generation gap, and the difficulties faced by the family as new immigrants, a growing cultural gap separates father & son. The story that unfolds is told alternately by father and by son, giving a unique insight into both perspectives. It seems that their differences can never be resolved, and the constant clashes between them are inevitable. But special circumstances prove Oren to be just as courageous as his father, when he miraculously succeeds in preventing two terrorists from blowing up a bus in Jerusalem. In the aftermath of the excitement, Oren’s life will change forever.

The book won the Trudi Birger Award for Children’s Literature at the International Book-fair in Jerusalem in 2005

Educational issues raised by the book: Family relationships in cultural transition, identity and belonging, bravery and perseverance, combating stereotypes.

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