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Dr. Naomi Shmuel 

Diversity & difference are  part of the human experience, in different contexts each one of us can be 'the other' and feel wanted or rejected....

Lectures, workshops & school meetings

Interested in a fascinating and inspiring meeting with the author for your students?

Do you believe in multicultural education, mutual respect and empathy?

Are you looking for cultural competence training for your colleagues?

Seeking a meaningful lecture for a conference?

Does your school have parents in transition who could benefit from a unique parent group?

Here you will find a range of opportunities for significant & enjoyable meetings with the author and anthropologist Dr. Naomi Shmuel

Screen Shot 2020-12-15 at 13.26.48.png

The Rainbow Child - now a popular play which has travelled around the country and been seen by hundreds of children...

Preview of play

נס ציונה 4.3.19
נעמי עם אושרת

The playground based on my first book - in Hulon


Contact me

Telephone: 0506214941 


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